Various Artists

Ritornell 2002 (CD)

Press release: Klangmaschine (translates as Soundmachine) is the companion CD that compliments the book of the same title written by Marvin Chlada and Marcus S. Kleiner. Klangmaschine attempts to demonstrate that the entire history of the so-called popcultural subversion is to be written in a totally new way. Sound vs. Pop? Since popculture has become the ideology of the 21st century, there have been countless attempts to subdivide the phenomenon pop in a discursive way. What is talked about, when is pop discussed? Chlada and Kleiner answer in a scandalous way: About a zombie! The artists featured on this compilation are some of electronic music's finest players. From Twerk's intricate techno meddlings to Taylor Deupree's microscopic sounds, these artists reflect on the ideology that these theorist's rationalize in the book. The main thesis of this CD is to imply that pop is dead. Here's to the pure sounds of tomorrow.
  • Twerk Metamaschine 5:53
  • Terre Thaemlitz Liebesmaschine 5:08
  • Tim Hecker Bildmaschine 5:02
  • Cordell Clier Schreibmaschine 4:32
  • John Harding Sinnmaschine 5:59
  • Taylor Deupree Reproduktionsmaschine 6:41
  • Alva Noto Menschmaschine 5:43
  • SND Simulationsmaschine 4:59
  • Frank Bretschneider Kriegsmaschine 5:10
  • Bizz Circuits Klangmaschine 7:43
  • Marvin Chlada / Marcus S. KleinerBetriebsanleitung 7:20

Wickie Dub Band
The Frühstück Sessions
Trikont-Duisburg 2000 (CD)
  • Zlatko 1:41
  • Mumumamma 3:23
  • Go Sladdy Go 7:01
  • Guten Tag, Topi (Sladdy Mix) 4:41
  • Topi Pop, Hallo, Hallo 5:42

The Marvelous Love Cats
Nobody Knows But Me
Grey Room 1990 (MC)
  • Nobody Knows But Me 2:21
  • Crawling King Snake 4:13
  • Good Night (Live) 3:21

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